Spryfield Residents take on Housing Nova Scotia

Spryfield Residents take on Housing Nova Scotia

A newly formed Community of Rockingstone Society, made up of community members in the Greystone area of Spryfield, aims to take on housing issues that should be addressed by the Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority under Housing Nova Scotia.

Spryfield Residents take on Housing Nova Scotia

The group is made up of five core board members who will be supported by other volunteers. Their funding will come from grants and community business donations.

The Problems:

  • only one maintenance worker for the 250 units
  • holes in ceilings
  • mouse infestation
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The Response:

The Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority says it’s not uncommon for residential complexes to have a tenants’ association and they will be moving forward with a assessment of all of their units in the Greystone area.

A comprehensive assessment of all Metro Regional Housing Authority units is currently underway and targeted for completion by June 30.

The Solutions:


  1. The society has acquired an area on the main level of a unit shared with community police officers. They plan to use it as a general store and will start by selling ice cream to fund various community projects.
  2. There will also be a laundry area in the store because many residents can’t afford a washer or dryer.
  3. The society plans to run the area’s food bank, implement tutoring programs for children and start a pilot program with community police officers to make residents feel safer by installing peep-holes in doors on every unit.
  4. Installing new bins for the rodent infestation problem.
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