San Antonio, TX Section 8 list is open

The San Antonio housing agency will accept applications online til June 1.

To ensure online access, the city’s 26 public library branches will offer free use of their computers and trained staff will be on hand to assist with filling out the applications.

A public library building in Altona, Illinois,...

A public library building in Altona, Illinois, a small village in the Midwestern United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the initial application period closes, participants will be selected by computerized lottery for their place on the waiting list. Anyone who submits an application after that will take their place on the list according to the order in which they applied. Unlike the last voucher giveaway, the waiting list will not be capped.

Housing officials are emphasizing that would-be recipients will have two weeks to submit the forms, with no preference for when applications are filed.

The next round of applicants is expected to face an average wait of at least three to five years.

The web address for submitting an application is

Anyone seeking assistance for special needs can call 877-550-1109.

To find you nearest library branch, call 210-207-2500.

Platteville, WI Section 8 Applications

All application forms should be completely filled out, signed by all adult household members and returned to the housing authority located at 75 N. Bonson Street, Platteville, WI. 

 If you have any questions, feel free to call the Platteville Housing Authority at (609) 348-9741 ext. 2233

Visit to apply.

St. Bernard Parish, LA taking Section 8 applications

St. Bernard Parish, LA is taking applications for a new waiting list only if you completed an application for Section 8 housing assistance in St. Bernard Parish on December 4, 2008 and did not receive a voucher.

Applications for the new waiting list will only be accepted in the Sigur Center Ballroom at 8425 W. Judge Perez Dr. in Chalmette during the following days and times:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 (8am-5pm)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 (8am-5pm)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 (8am-5pm)

Valid identification must be presented at the time of application.

All eligible applications submitted during the above noted periods will be entered into a computerized lottery to determine the order in which applicants will be placed on the waiting list.

Also, letters will be sent to all eligible applicants confirming their placement on the waiting list.

The waiting list is not a guarantee of placement on the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

San Antonio Housing Authority waiting list for Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers will reopen

 The San Antonio Housing Authority waiting list for Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers will reopen with a new online application process.

All applications received through midnight on June 1 will be entered into a computerized lottery system to establish each applicant’s place on the waiting list. After June 1, applicants can still apply and be placed on the waiting list.

The online application will be available at from the SAHA website Anyone with special needs can call 1-877-550-1109.

Due to limited funding and voucher availability, applicants can expect to remain on the waiting list approximately 3-5 years.

Applicants can use the computers at any of the San Antonio Public Library’s 26 branches. To find the one closest to you, call 210-207-2500. Additional staff will be on-site at select library locations to provide one-on-one assistance for applicants. A list of additional partners with access to personal computers is available<>.

To be eligible for housing assistance, families must not exceed the following annual income limits by household size:

Number of Family Members Total Eligible Household Income Range
1 $0 – $21,300
2 $0 – $24,350
3 $0 – $27,400
4 $0 – $30,400
5 $0 – $32,850
6 $0 – $35,300
7 $0 – $37,700
8 $0 – $40,150

BOWLING GREEN, MO Section 8 changes

Changes are in store for the Section 8 housing assistance program administered by the North East Community Action Corporation.

1. Participants in the low-income rent voucher program, infants to adults, must now prove their eligibility with a Social Security card. Previously, only participants over the age of 6 were required to have a verifiable Social Security number.

2.  participants may be removed from the program for criminal activity — for example, drugs or violence — only if they have been charged, not simply if they have been arrested

3. program inspectors who find a violation at a Section 8 participating property, like a repair that needs to be made, no longer will be required to make a follow-up visit. Instead, the program will be able to accept other evidence that the violation has been resolved, such as digital photographs or a call from a tenant or landlord.

4. end of a policy that dictates that full-time students who go away to school are considered permanently absent from the household. That determination will be left up to families.

Grapevine TX Housing accepting new applications

Grapevine Texas will be accepting new applications will on May 15.

Applications will be taken for the authority’s efficiency, one- and two-bedroom units

Applications will be received during a four-hour window, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and only through the internet

Applicants for public housing will need to have their income information to complete the form.

Income limits for the public housing include $38,750 for a single person, $44,300 for two people and $49,850 for three people.

Applicants also must be able to show proof of citizenship and either live or work in Grapevine.

Interested applicants will need to get their names on the public housing list and complete the application form online.

Go to, then “choose a department” and go to “administrative services.”

Look for “housing authority” on the left side of the page.

There will be a link to the application.

The city’s library will have 36 computers are available for people who might not have their own.
Also,  the Grapevine Senior Activities Center will have another 12 computers available for seniors on May 15.
Those currently on the list will have priority over any new names that are added in May.

The housing authority is not seeking applicants for its Section 8 voucher program

Read more here:

Tenant Ownership Shared Housing Act

“Tenant Ownership Shared Housing Act (TOSHA),” an act of fairness and equality that gives special recognition to loyal tenants that should be legally considered to be partial owners of a building, after managing to get the rent payed for a minimum of 10 years at that location.

If enacted into state law or local ordinances, the Tenant Ownership Shared Housing Act (TOSHA) would provide that landlords are required to pay a renter a minimum of $10,000, if the landlord decides to evict a renter that has resided in the same rental unit, for a period of 10 years or more. Additionally, landlords would be liable to pay the tenants a minimum of $10,000, if the tenant decides to move from their rental units after living there for ten years or more.

This should include all for profit residential housing sites, housing locations for Section 8 renters, so-called affordable housing projects, and Section 8 project-based units where renters have managed to reside there for ten years or more. For the Section 8 renters, tenants in affordable housing projects, and tenants in the Section 8 project-based units, the $10,000 compensation should not be considered as income that would affect their current housing status, or monthly Social Security payments.

What do you think of the Tenant Ownership Shared Housing Act?

Boulder, Colorado Open Waiting List til April 27, 2012

Boulder Housing Partners BHP
 opened their Section 8 or Plan Ocho Housing Vouchers wait list on Monday April 9th and will remain open until April 27th, 2012. Hours 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Boulder Housing Partners BHP expect to get 1,000 applications before the end of the lottery.

Getting Preference!

Each application will have an equal chance of being selected regardless of when they applied but applicants who:

  • Live or work in the City of Boulder.
  • Who are Elderly.
  • Have Disabilities.
  • Families with Children.

will get preference. People who don’t meet the above criteria will have a very limited chance of being selected.

Contact Information

Note: If you do not have access to a computer you can request an application and mail the completed documents to the address specified earlier in this posting.

Paterson Housing Authority, NJ taking applications

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Housing Authority Taking New Section 8 Applications

From now until April 6, the Paterson Housing Authority will be taking applications from people who wish to be placed on its Department of Community Development Housing Choice Voucher program waiting list.

Housing officials announced that the list will be open from April 2nd through April 6th and after that time the list will be closed until further notice.

The housing authority is giving local preference to applicants who live, work or have been notified they will be working in the City of Paterson. The Housing Authority has established a limit of 300 applications that will be selected for placement on the Section 8 waiting list based on a lottery system selection process.

All applications not selected during the Lottery Selection process will be discarded. The Housing Choice voucher program is the federal government’s major program for assisting very low income families, the elderly and the disabled to get affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private housing market.

Anyone interested in applying for the Section 8 Voucher Program should complete and send the attached form to: Section 8 DCD Housing Choice Voucher Program Paterson Housing Authority P.O. Box 1949 Paterson, New Jersey 07509.

Please be advised that your application (only one application per White, 4 1/8 by 9 1/2″ envelope) for the Section 8 Voucher program MUST be postmarked prior to midnight on April 6th, 2012. If you need assistance in completing the pre-application process because of a disability, please contact Donna Nelson-Ivy, Director of Health and Human Services, City of Paterson, at 973 321-1242 during the period that the Authority will accept pre-applications.


Copies of this ad and application may be obtained free of charge at the following locations:

Paterson Public Library-Broadway,

Paterson Public Library-Main Street in South Paterson,

Hispanic Multi-Purpose Center 933 E 23rd Street, Paterson

Riverside Veterans Hall 165 5th Avenue, Paterson,

Paterson Success Center 79 Ellison Street, Paterson.

Paterson Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher Program Preliminary Application Applicant Information Name: _________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________ City, State and Zip Code:____________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________ Household members: 1._______________________________SSN#_________________________ 2._______________________________SSN#_________________________ 3._______________________________SSN#_________________________ 4._______________________________SSN#_________________________ 5._______________________________SSN#_________________________ 6._______________________________SSN#_________________________ Annual Income for entire household: $_________________________ White _________ Black/African __________ American_____American Indian/Alaskan Native_____Asian_____ Native Hawaiian/or other Pacific Islander_________ Hispanic or Latino________Not Hispanic or Latino_________ Please be advised that you may include additional information on a blank sheet of paper should you need space for additional family members. Please include names and the respective social security number for each household member. Signature/Head of Household_________________________________________ Date:____________________

All Applications must be postmarked prior to midnight of April 6th, , 2012. All applications not selected during the Lottery Process will be discarded. The PHA will not accept applications at any of our offices, they must be mailed to: PO Box 1949, Paterson NJ 07509.

“Landlord Fair” set for CHATTANOOGA, TN

“Landlord Fair” set for Harriet Tubman, Emma Wheeler residents

wheely wheeler playing podiatry

wheely wheeler playing podiatry (Photo credit: heloukee)

The Chattanooga Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8, is hosting its second Landlord Fair on Thursday, April 12, at 6 p.m. It will take place at CHA’s Central Office located at 801 N. Holtzclaw Ave.

This Landlord Fair is designed to connect public housing residents from Harriet Tubman Development and Emma Wheeler Homes with landlords who have properties available for rent.  Landlords are invited to bring pictures of their properties, applications, brochures and other materials for residents to review.

CHA is continuing to assist Tubman residents with locating other affordable housing as they prepare to phase down and sell the 440-unit public housing complex.  Officials are also reaching out to Emma Wheeler residents, who are being relocated in phases as the agency prepares to renovate 50 of its 340 units. Construction work is scheduled to start in June.

The Section 8 program is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The program allows eligible families and individuals with low incomes to receive vouchers to find their own housing in the private market.

CHA, which administers the program locally, pays a subsidy to the landlord on behalf of the participant.  The family then pays the difference between the rent charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by Section 8.

CHA’s Section 8 program administers 3,288 vouchers and has about 1,200 landlords.  The waiting list is currently closed, and no new applications are being accepted for the program at this time.