Helping the Homeless Affects Section 8 Wait List

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Saving The Road House for the homeless in Salt Lake City who reside there may mean that those on the Housing Voucher wait list may have to wait even longer for their name to be called.

The complex is in jeopardy as a result of below-market rents coupled with debt payments that are too high.

The Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake has agreed to apply to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for a rental assistance grant for half the complex’s units.

And on Friday,  the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City board agreed to earmark up to 16 Section 8 housing vouchers, which subsidize rents, for the Wendell Apartments.

That would likely mean three vouchers initially with others added monthly.

Currently, there are 6,198 people on the city’s Section 8 voucher list and no new names have been added in three years.

In addition, the waiting list  has approximately 9,000 people  there has not been a new application accepted in four years.

HUD allows a housing agency to use up to 20 percent of its rental assistance funds for project-based initiatives. Of Salt Lake County Housing Authority’s 2,319 rent-help vouchers, just 6.5 percent are designated for use at specific properties.

Major NY Apartment Owner May Be Dropping Out Of Section 8


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Residents of Parkview Gardens are fearful that their landlord, Michael Niamonitakis, may be pulling the complex out of the Section 8 program.

The 127-apartment complex near Prospect Park South would leave the Section 8 program at the beginning of next year.

The trend to leave the Housing Choice Voucher had been halted due to economic downturn, with 79 buildings dropping out of the program.

Previously, some tenants were in danger of loosing or did lose their voucher because they were unable to find a housing development willing to accept it.

Now, it is considered a sign of the time that this landlord is ending his HUD relationship.

Tenants who are already residents will, of course, be allowed to stay.

However, the fear for them is that they will be pressured to live since the landlord would then be able to charge market rate rent.

Market Rent Rate Increase means No Section 8

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In the mysterious world of Housing Voucher calculations, it seems that market rent rate increase means no Section 8 voucher for those sitting on the waiting list.

Fair market rent in New Haven has risen a whopping 8.5 percent since last year increasing a 3-bedroom apartment in New Haven from $1,491/month to about $1,618/month.

This means that the housing authority will be paying landlords more for housing families with federal subsidies—and therefore will have fewer such Section 8 subsidies to hand out.

On the positive, the increase will allow current residents an easier chance to find housing willing to accept the voucher.

HUD has proposed the following fair market rents for the New Haven-Meriden metro area starting this October: $987 for an efficiency, $1119 for a one-bedroom, $1352 for a two-bedroom, $1618 for a three-bedroom and $1850 for a four-bedroom.

Housing Lost Because of Housing Errors In NYC

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It is beginning reported by Legal Aid that New York City’s Housing Authority wrongfully terminated thousands of low-income residents from federally funded Section 8 housing over a two-year period.

In 2008, the NYCHA  replaced housing counselors with a centralized calling center to handle annual re-certifications for Section 8 tenants.

NYCHA staff has been unable to produce files and paperwork when questioned about errors.

Legal Aid filed two lawsuits against the Housing Authority on behalf of more than 30 tenants on September 27 alleging NYCHA’s administrative errors have lead to wrongful Section 8 terminations as well as rent miscalculations causing many families to pay more than what’s required.

This week, Legal Aid is set to ask a judge for a preliminary injunction that would halt all terminations until the lawsuit is resolved.

The question is whether or not those who lost their voucher due to clerical error will be reinstated or otherwise compensated?

Position Available on the Housing Authority of Mason County Board of Commissioners.

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Applicants wanted to fill a position on the Housing Authority of Mason County Board of Commissioners.

The Housing Authority administers vouchers through the HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The Authority also is the owner/manager of Pine Garden Apartments, Goldsborough Cove Apartments, Fairmont Cove Apartments, and the Kneeland Park Apartments.

If interested, contact the Mason County Commissioners office at 427-9670, 275-4467 or 482-5269, ext 419 for an advisory board form or download it from the County’s website:

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Glendale is considering doing a background check on Section 8 recipients

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For the most part, those who are on the Section 8 voucher have already been through a background check. But Glendale is considering doing yet another background check to cull those recipients who have been engaging in activity prohibited by HUD.

There are currently4,400 households receiving housing assistance and remove those in violation will allow a space for some of the 5,700 whose application is currently on hold until the waiting list is cleared.

The city last accepted applications back in 2001 and has not taken anyone off of the list in the past year.

Until now, Glendale’s Housing Authority has only done background check on current recipients if officials receive crime tips from local police, newspapers, sex-offender websites or other sources.

Those accepted prior to 2002, when HUD made the checks mandatory, have never undergone a background check.

The one-time checks could begin in January. Those who have committed violent crimes could be dropped from the program.Since 2002, the city has kicked out 32 of 147 voucher recipients for committing crimes. Some criminal activities, such as driving under the influence or driving without a license, have led to counseling rather than immediate eviction. If one family member commits a crime, the whole family is liable.

Chesapeake VA Housing Authority

Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority


Phone: (757) 523 – 0401

Fax: 757.523.1601

TTY-TDD: 757.523.1316

1468 S MILITARY Highway
VA 23320

Palm Beach has luxury homes for rent with Section 8 Voucher

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Believe it or not, Palm Beach has luxury homes for rent with Section 8 Voucher.

3,000 square feet.

Gated community.

Two car garage

Swimming pool.

It could all be yours with a Section 8 voucher.


The economy.

In areas were rentals are sitting empty as the upperclass scale back, many recipients of the voucher are being released from cramped apartments and given a chance at a luxury home.

Homeowners facing foreclosure and landlords with empty property year after year are going aggressively after the guaranteed and electronically delivered payment of a Section 8 voucher.

About 6,600 families in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and their surrounding unincorporated areas receive Section 8 vouchers. The monthly rent subsidy for local homes is as high as $2,109 for a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home in a suburban Lake Worth gated community. But stipends for less than $100 are also doled out. The average voucher amount from the West Palm Beach Housing Authority is about $900. Delray Beach Housing Authority stipends average about $860.

Other advantages that Section 8 renters have is that their is usually less turnover in home rentals and any tenant that trashes a property risks loosing their Section 8 voucher altogether. And this risk of loss is helping to loosen the stigma of Section 8 because in this uncertain economy, a person with an excellent credit rating and a job earning six figures could lose his job tomorrow and be skipping out on your rent by the weekend.

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Cedar Rapids Considering Closing Section 8 Lists

Cedar Rapids is considering closing the Section 8 application lists because of an already overburdened 4 year waiting list.

With already 3,500 households on the list, City Council’s Develpment Committee noted that 25% of the employees spend their time handling incoming applications.

New applicants, the disabled, elderly, or low income, have until October 28 to get on the list.

There are three factors being wayed in the decision to close the list:

  • an increase in applicants;
  • an increase in the time people stay in the program once they receive a voucher;
  • and the increase in program costs.

The average per-month cost per voucher has gone up from $357 a year ago to about $380 now, in part, because recipients have less income and therefore can’t pay as much of their own rent.

Only about 1/10th of the recipients left the program between January and July.

Only about 1/5th of the names on the list will still be eligible for the program when their name is called.

Hampton, VA: (Wanted) 1 or 2 bedroom $775 maximum

Hampton, VA: (Wanted) 1 or 2 bedroom $775 maximum

I’m writing this little note to you to first say hello, and introduce myself to you. My name is Jessica Taliaferro (Jessie), I’m a local disabled lady here in Hampton. I would love to stay in the Hampton area also. I’m currently on Section 8 and I’m lookin to see if any community takes the Section 8 Vouchers. I’ currently and would prefer a 2 bedroom, but a 1bedroom is ok as well. Sadly the rent can’t exceed $775 either way. I would also love if you have washer/drier hook ups in the apartment. Please help me find a good home..