Sacremento County Section 8 list open

Through 11:59 p.m. Friday, June 8, SHRA will be accepting new online applications for federally subsidized housing, previously known as Section 8 and now called the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Official seal of County of Sacramento

Official seal of County of Sacramento (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

¬†Applications will be taken around the clock Monday through Friday, and no priority will be given to those who are the first to apply. Eligibility is based primarily on income. To qualify, a family’s income generally cannot exceed 50 percent of the median household income of Sacramento County. For a family of four, annual income must be less than $38,050.

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Once the application deadline passes, 3,000 families will be selected through a random computerized process to join the waiting list. They will be notified when housing becomes available.

This year, for the first time, applications will be accepted online only, through computers, smartphones and the like. People without such devices can visit area libraries, which will be staffed to help people get to the website and fill out the short application.

Those who manage to get a coveted place on the waiting list may have to wait as long as two years until suitable housing becomes available.

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For more information about the Housing Choice Voucher Program, go to Applications to get onto the subsidized housing waiting list can be filed from Monday through June 8 at the site.

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