New Mexico Housing Authorities

Alamogordo HA
Phone: (505)437-5621Call: (505)437-5621
Fax: (505)439-4104Call: (505)439-4104 104 Avenida Amigos
NM 88310 Low-Rent
NM057 Bernalillo County HA
Phone: (505)314-0200Call: (505)314-0200
Fax: (505)462-9737Call: (505)462-9737 1900 Bridge Boulevard SW
NM 87105 Both
NM001 Albuquerque Housing Authority
Phone: (505)764-3900Call: (505)764-3900
Fax: (505)764-3981Call: (505)764-3981 1840 University Blvd. SE
NM 87106 Both
NM021 Artesia HA
Phone: (575)746-3529Call: (575)746-3529
Fax: (575)746-2897Call: (575)746-2897 617 West Bush Avenue
NM 88210 Low-Rent
NM024 Bayard HA
Phone: (575)537-2296Call: (575)537-2296
Fax: (575)537-6914Call: (575)537-6914 100 Runnels Drive
NM 88023 Low-Rent
NM047 Chama HA
Phone: (575)756-2986Call: (575)756-2986
Fax: (575)756-9137Call: (575)756-9137 PO Box 695
NM 87520 Low-Rent
NM048 Cimarron HA
Phone: (575)376-2674Call: (575)376-2674
Fax: (575)376-1014Call: (575)376-1014 152 Washington Avenue
NM 87714 Low-Rent
NM055 Clayton HA
Phone: (575)374-9580Call: (575)374-9580
Fax: (575)374-9572Call: (575)374-9572 200 Aspen Street
NM 88415 Low-Rent
NM002 Clovis HA
Phone: (575)769-7902Call: (575)769-7902
Fax: (575)769-7900Call: (575)769-7900 2101 W Grand Avenue
NM 88101 Both
NM071 Cuba HA
Phone: (575)289-3499Call: (575)289-3499
Fax: (575)289-2028Call: (575)289-2028 29 Rainbow Loop
NM 87013 Low-Rent
NM039 Rio Arriba County HA
Phone: (505)753-7870Call: (505)753-7870
Fax: (505)753-3667Call: (505)753-3667 737 La Joya Street
NM 87532 Both
NM066 San Juan County HA
Phone: (505)327-5654Call: (505)327-5654
Fax: (505)324-3005Call: (505)324-3005 7450 East Main
NM 87402 Section 8
NM025 Fort Sumner HA
Phone: (575)355-2986Call: (575)355-2986
Fax: (575)355-2987Call: (575)355-2987 165 E Main Ave
Fort Sumner
NM 88119 Low-Rent
NM006 Gallup HA
Phone: (505)722-4388Call: (505)722-4388
Fax: (505)863-3386Call: (505)863-3386 203 Debra Drive
NM 87301 Both
NM030 Grants HA
Phone: (505)285-6359Call: (505)285-6359
Fax: (505)285-3784Call: (505)285-3784 508 E. Santa Fe Avenue, Suite B
NM 87020 Both
NM003 Mesilla Valley HA
Phone: (575)528-2000Call: (575)528-2000
Fax: (575)526-8452Call: (575)526-8452 926 S San Pedro Street
Las Cruces
NM 88001 Both
NM007 Las Vegas Housing Authority
Phone: (505)425-9463Call: (505)425-9463
Fax: (505)425-7204Call: (505)425-7204 2400 Sagebrush Street
Las Vegas
NM 87701 Low-Rent
NM049 San Miguel County HA
Phone: (505)454-1813Call: (505)454-1813
Fax: (505)426-3035Call: (505)426-3035 522 Valencia Street
Las Vegas
NM 87701 Low-Rent
NM061 San Miguel County HA
Phone: (505)454-1813Call: (505)454-1813
Fax: (505)426-3035Call: (505)426-3035 522 Valencia Street
Las Vegas
NM 87701 Section 8
NM034 Lordsburg HA
Phone: (575)542-8111Call: (575)542-8111
Fax: (575)542-8105Call: (575)542-8105 1001 Avenida Del Sol
NM 88045 Low-Rent
NM023 Lovington HA
Phone: (575)396-5416Call: (575)396-5416
Fax: (575)396-3248Call: (575)396-3248 1605 S 4th Street
NM 88260 Low-Rent
NM026 Maxwell HA
Phone: (575)375-2745Call: (575)375-2745
Fax: (575)375-2746Call: (575)375-2746 215 6th Street
NM 87728 Low-Rent
NM054 Pecos HA
Phone: (505)757-6380Call: (505)757-6380
Fax: (505)757-6280Call: (505)757-6280 114 Chamisa Circle
PO Box 904
NM 87552 Low-Rent
NM008 Raton HA
Phone: (575)445-8021Call: (575)445-8021
Fax: (575)445-8044Call: (575)445-8044 309 Parsons Avenue
NM 87740 Low-Rent
NM063 Eastern Regional HA
Phone: (575)622-0881Call: (575)622-0881
Fax: (575)622-7507Call: (575)622-7507 106 E. Reed
NM 88203 Both
NM029 Santa Clara HA
Phone: (575)537-3041Call: (575)537-3041
Fax: (575)537-3041Call: (575)537-3041 214 North Mineral
Santa Clara
NM 88026 Low-Rent
NM009 Santa Fe Civic HA
Phone: (505)988-2859Call: (505)988-2859
Fax: (505)989-7786Call: (505)989-7786 664 Alta Vista St.
Santa Fe
NM 87505 Both
NM050 Santa Fe County HA
Phone: (505)992-3058Call: (505)992-3058
Fax: (505)992-3064Call: (505)992-3064 52 Camino De Jacobo
Santa Fe
NM 87507 Both
NM088 Northern Regional HA
Phone: (575)758-2460Call: (505)988-2859
Fax: (575)751-1175 4239 NDCBU, 525 Ranchitos Rd., #962
NM 87571 Both
NM067 Western Regional HA
Phone: (575)388-1974Call: (575)388-1974
Fax: (575)388-4781Call: (575)388-4781 2545 N Silver Street
Silver City
NM 88061 Both
NM077 El Camino Real HA
Phone: (575)835-0196Call: (575)835-0196
Fax: (575)835-3461Call: (575)835-3461 PO Box 00
301 Otero Avenue
NM 87801 Section 8
NM022 Springer HA
Phone: (575)483-2836Call: (575)483-2836
Fax: (575)483-5090Call: (575)483-5090 601a El Paso Avenue
NM 87747 Low-Rent
NM075 Sunland Park HA
Phone: (575)589-9414Call: (575)589-9414
Fax: (575)589-9407Call: (575)589-9407 100 Villa Del Rio Loop
Sunland Park
NM 88063 Low-Rent
NM038 Taos County HA
Phone: (575)758-2460Call: (575)758-2460
Fax: (575)751-1175Call: (575)751-1175 525 Ranchitos Road ,
Unit # 962
NM 87571 Both
NM020 Truth Or Consequences HA
Phone: (575)894-2244Call: (575)894-2244
Fax: (575)894-0756Call: (575)894-0756 108 S Cedar Street
Truth Or Consequences
NM 87901 Both
NM033 Tucumcari HA
Phone: (575)461-4403Call: (575)461-4403
Fax: (575)461-4893Call: (575)461-4893 323 E Smith
NM 88401 Both
NM032 Wagon Mound HA
Phone: (575)666-2268Call: (575)666-2268
Fax: (575)666-9023Call: (575)666-9023 710 Catron Avenue
Wagon Mound
NM 87752 Low-Rent
Type: This indicates the type of program administered by a PHA. “Both” represents administration of both Section-8 and Low-rent programs.

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Indian Housing

ONAP ensures that safe, decent and affordable housing is available to Native American families and creates economic opportunities for Tribes and Indian housing residents.

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Housing Choice Voucher

Housing Choice Vouchers allow very low-income families to choose and lease or purchase safe, decent, and affordable privately-owned rental housing.

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Public Housing

Providing decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

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