New Hampshire Housing Authorities

New Hampshire HFA
Phone: (603)472-8623Call: (603)472-8623
Fax: (603)472-8729Call: (603)472-8729 32 Constitution Drive
NH 03110 Section 8
NH016 Northumberland HA
Phone: (603)752-4240Call: (603)752-4240
Fax: (603)752-4214Call: (603)752-4214 10 Serenity Circle
NH 03570 Section 8
NH011 Berlin Housing Authority
Phone: (603)752-4240Call: (603)752-4240
Fax: (603)752-4214Call: (603)752-4214 10 Serenity Circle
NH 03570 Both
NH015 Lancaster HA
Phone: (603)752-4240Call: (603)752-4240
Fax: (603)752-4214Call: (603)752-4214 10 Serenity Circle
NH 03570 Section 8
NH012 Claremont HA
Phone: (603)542-6411Call: (603)542-6411
Fax: (603)542-0353Call: (603)542-0353 243 Broad Street
NH 03743 Both
NH005 Concord HA
Phone: (603)224-4059Call: (603)224-4059
Fax: (603)226-2941Call: (603)226-2941 23 Green Street
NH 03301 Both
NH022 Derry HRA
Phone: (603)434-8717Call: (603)434-8717
Fax: (603)434-8717Call: (603)434-8717 17a Peabody Road
NH 03038 Section 8
NH003 Dover HA
Phone: (603)742-5804Call: (603)742-5804
Fax: (603)742-6911Call: (603)742-6911 62 Whittier Street
NH 03820 Both
NH014 Exeter Housing Authority
Phone: (603)778-8110Call: (603)778-8110
Fax: (603)772-6433Call: (603)772-6433 277 Water Street
NH 03833 Both
NH010 Keene HA
Phone: (603)352-6161Call: (603)352-6161
Fax: (603)352-6845Call: (603)352-6845 831 Court Street
NH 03431 Both
NH007 Laconia HRA
Phone: (603)524-2112Call: (603)524-2112
Fax: (603)524-2290Call: (603)524-2290 25 Union Avenue
NH 03246 Both
NH001 Manchester HRA
Phone: (603)624-2100Call: (603)624-2100
Fax: (603)624-2104Call: (603)624-2104 198 Hanover Street
NH 03104 Both
NH002 Nashua HA
Phone: (603)883-5661Call: (603)883-5661
Fax: (603)598-3750Call: (603)598-3750 40 East Pearl Street
NH 03060 Both
NH888 Harbor Homes, Inc.
Phone: (603)881-8436Call: (603)881-8436
Fax: (603)595-7414Call: (603)595-7414 45 High Street
NH 03060 Section 8
NH013 Newmarket HA
Phone: (603)659-5444Call: (603)659-5444
Fax: (603)659-6501Call: (603)659-6501 34 Gordon Avenue
NH 03857 Both
NH004 Portsmouth HA
Phone: (603)436-4310Call: (603)436-4310
Fax: (603)436-4937Call: (603)436-4937 245 Middle Street
NH 03801 Both
NH008 Rochester HA
Phone: (603)332-4126Call: (603)332-4126
Fax: (603)332-0039Call: (603)332-0039 77 Olde Farm Lane
NH 03857 Both
NH017 Salem Housing Authority
Phone: (603)893-6417Call: (603)893-6417
Fax: (603)894-1934Call: (603)894-1934 70 Telfer Circle
NH 03079 Low-Rent
NH006 Somersworth HA
Phone: (603)692-2864Call: (603)692-2864
Fax: (603)692-2877Call: (603)692-2877 25a Bartlett Avenue
NH 03878 Both
NH009 Lebanon HA
Phone: (603)298-5753Call: (603)298-5753
Fax: (603)298-0146Call: (603)298-0146 31 Romano Circle
West Lebanon
NH 03784 Both
Type: This indicates the type of program administered by a PHA. “Both” represents administration of both Section-8 and Low-rent programs.

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