Grapevine TX Housing accepting new applications

Grapevine Texas will be accepting new applications will on May 15.

Applications will be taken for the authority’s efficiency, one- and two-bedroom units

Applications will be received during a four-hour window, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and only through the internet

Applicants for public housing will need to have their income information to complete the form.

Income limits for the public housing include $38,750 for a single person, $44,300 for two people and $49,850 for three people.

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Applicants also must be able to show proof of citizenship and either live or work in Grapevine.

Interested applicants will need to get their names on the public housing list and complete the application form online.

Go to, then “choose a department” and go to “administrative services.”

Look for “housing authority” on the left side of the page.

There will be a link to the application.

The city’s library will have 36 computers are available for people who might not have their own.
Also,  the Grapevine Senior Activities Center will have another 12 computers available for seniors on May 15.
Those currently on the list will have priority over any new names that are added in May.

The housing authority is not seeking applicants for its Section 8 voucher program

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