Fresno CA Section 8 Waiting List still open

Fresno CA Section 8 Waiting List still open

Fresno CA Section 8 Waiting List still openThe Fresno Housing Authority received 26,852 online applications for its Housing Choice Voucher, or Section 8, housing program when a new waiting list opened on Tuesday which caused the servers to crash.

When registration opened at 10 a.m. Tuesday, the website got overloaded with users trying to log on. Many got kicked offline or the website gave them a notice that said it was not working.

The website was working, but only allowed a cer

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tain number of users on at one time. The authority caught on quickly and got the technical issues resolved by that afternoon.

Online applications are still being accepted for the Section 8 program. The waiting list is now open at all times. It will not close as it has in the past. And there is also no first-come first-serve process anymore.

The authority will use a lottery system to pick names when housing vouchers, which help low-income families pay a portion of their rent, becomes available.

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To register, visit


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