Chattanooga Housing Authority’s Section 8 tenants repay fraud

Section 8 tenants with the Chattanooga Housing Authority will be allowed only one chance to repay money owed because of fraud.

Official seal of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Official seal of Chattanooga, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those caught twice in fraud will lose their housing vouchers, regardless of the amount owed.

The CHA has investigated about 900 cases of voucher fraud since 2004 and about $1 million has been lost, officials said. A very small portion of that has been recovered through criminal or civil courts.

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CHA board members voted this month to implement the policy change to prevent fraud, one of several changes passed to crack down on fraud and to promote safety and uniformity among all housing sites and properties involving CHA.

Other changes include forbidding trampolines on public housing sites and reducing the number of eviction notices from four to two.

All CHA policy changes are published in the agency’s administrative plan

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