Broken elevator strand elderly in Daytona

The 13-story apartment building on South Beach Street is managed by the Daytona Beach Housing Authority.

The lightning and all that water intrusion, which was brought on by the wind, essentially fried the circuits.

People here have been in their house for 11 days.

Broken elevator strand elderly in Daytona

The Problem

  • The wait for a new elevator will take up to five weeks. It will take three weeks for the manufacturer to rebuild the custom-made elevator and then another two weeks will be needed for testing, installation and inspections.
  • Many of the building’s residents are older and use wheelchairs. Several are diabetic and arthritic. People they are sitting down on a step or leaning against the railing trying to catch their breath.
  • Feces in the stairwell presumably because people had bathroom emergencies in the middle of their climb and ran out of time.
  • Residents have pets, but they aren’t able to walk them.
  • Residents have run out of groceries but they can’t go shopping.
  • Residents cant haul their laundry to the seventh floor laundry room and back with no elevator.
  • Residents feel that they live in a deathtrap.
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Woods said the manufacturer is Otis Elevator Co. The company, according to its website, is the “world leader” in building elevators, escalators and moving walkways.

Residents aren’t critical of the housing authority.

The Solution:

  1. Employees have begun delivering food and supplies to people who needed them. Team members would continue to be on hand to deliver food and other supplies while the elevator remains out of service.
  2. The Housing Authority Agency has maintained an around-the-clock presence at Maley Apartments and has provided assistance with wellness checks by phone, and door to door, to ensure the health and safety of our residents.
  3. Arrangements are being made by city officials to relocate some residents especially the dialysis patients.
  4. City staffers have reached out to community organizations for assistance with feeding those who are shut-in.
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In addition to the elevator in Maley Apartments, one of the two elevators inside the neighboring building, Windsor Apartments, also was severely damaged during the storm. That building also is managed by the Housing Authority. Repairs to that elevator also are likely to take up to five weeks. Residents in that building have full use of the other elevator, which went offline for more than two hours during the storm, but the damage to that elevator was easily fixed.

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