Boulder, Colorado Open Waiting List til April 27, 2012

Boulder Housing Partners BHP
 opened their Section 8 or Plan Ocho Housing Vouchers wait list on Monday April 9th and will remain open until April 27th, 2012. Hours 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Boulder Housing Partners BHP expect to get 1,000 applications before the end of the lottery.

Getting Preference!

Each application will have an equal chance of being selected regardless of when they applied but applicants who:

  • Live or work in the City of Boulder.
  • Who are Elderly.
  • Have Disabilities.
  • Families with Children.
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will get preference. People who don’t meet the above criteria will have a very limited chance of being selected.

Contact Information

Note: If you do not have access to a computer you can request an application and mail the completed documents to the address specified earlier in this posting.

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