Alaska wants special housing voucher for domestic violence

After observing just who was applying most often for the Section 8 voucher program, Governor Sean Parnell of Alaska is proposing $1.3 million for housing aid for victims of domestic violence in Alaska.

The problem with the current list is a combination of a long waiting list and almost no turnover in the program.

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If approved, it could help an estimated 150 families for a year.

The main purpose of the program will be to remove the victims and any children from violent situations as soon as possible while providing a cushion in which they can rebuild their shattered lives.

Since this is a temporary measure to help those in need get back on their feet, a time limit of perhaps two years on the program is being suggested.

Also proposed such things as screening and services for children exposed to violence, continued aid to shelters and prevention programs and special supervision of domestic violence felons.

Otherwise, the housing choice voucher will operate pretty much the same as any other HUD voucher.

Details of the program, which would be run through the Alaska Housing Finance Corp., or AHFC, are still being worked out.


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